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SPENDENAUFRUF “GADANGME-KÄMPFT GEGEN COVID-19” Angesichts des Ausbruchs von COVID-19 in Ghana hat die GaDangme Europe (GDEu) beschlossen, sich dem Kampf gegen die Ausbreitung des tödlichen Virus in der Region Greater Accra anzuschließen. Ihre individuelle und kollektive Unterstützung ist erforderlich, um unsere Mitmenschen zu Hause während und nach diesen schwierigen Zeiten zu unterstützen. Beachten Sie, dass



The Vision Of GaDangme Europe On Resolving Challenges Of GaDangme Folks Comes Into Reality

GaDangme unions under the umbrella association GaDangme Europe united on the 18th October 2019 in Hamburg, Germany as done yearly to hold their Annual General Meeting. The 18th October 2019 marks the 15th General Meeting to be held since foundation in the year 2008. Unions and individuals came in numbers to get things done together

GDEu hits on the 15th AGM aligned with the Hɔmɔwɔ, Asafotufiam & Ŋmayem festival celebration in Hamburg, Germany …



GaDangme Europe says goodbye to 2018 and welcome to 2019

  GaDangme Europe hereby wishes her members, loved ones and also the public a Merry Christmas as well as a prosperous and a fruitful New Year. GDEu hereby shows sincere gratitude to all members and supporters of the association during the year and also over the past ten years since foundation. During the past ten

GaDangme associations in Hamburg make a big time cultural history

On the 13th October 2018, three unions of the GaDangme tribe named Osu Kpee, KAPSONG Culture association and GaDangme Community in cooperation with GaDangme Europe came together to celebrate the Homowo, Asafotufiam and Nmayem festival in Hamburg at Kulturhof Dulsberg, Alter Teichweg, 22049 Hamburg. The Homowo festival is a festival popularly known and celebrated by

The 14th AGM bell & 10th anniversary of GaDangme Europe rang in Hamburg, Germany – October 2018

As it is known in the constitution of GaDangme Europe, an Annual General Meeting is held in a European country, where all executives and members join heads together to meet and brainstorm on issues concerning GaDangme´s and the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Furthermore GDEu meets yearly to have an overview on issues and activities

GaDangme Europe holds her 15th Annual General Conference 2019 in Hamburg

Upcoming GaDangme festivals in Hamburg – October 2019