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Progressive reports – GDEu Food Security Project

On the 12th Annual General Meeting held in October 2016 in Amsterdam, GaDangme Europe/ GDEu invented and introduced a project titled “Food Security”. This project has got the aim to create jobs and food for our people within the Greater Accra Region of Ghana and further.

The farm where the association is cultivating crops is situated in Obosomase, a town after Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Readers will definitely ask, “Why in the Eastern Region?” The explanation is very simple. GDEu was entrusted a farm by Nuumo Gbelenfo III in the Eastern Region of Ghana due to the fact that all lands in the Greater Accra Region are sold off or not free and the Eastern region, precisely Obosomase thereby stands to be the only town where GDEu could acquire a land.

The association has successfully commenced the project after clearing the farm with planting of crops like maize and cassava. First progressive reports are coming from the GDEu supervisors and representatives since the maize planted on the farm are making splendid developments.

Till the middle of the year GDEu plans to harvest the first crops after reaching its final and good level of growth.

GDEu would like to show a huge gratitude to Nuumo Gbelenfo III for assisting the association to acquire the land and make the project a success now and hilarious in the future. GaDangme Europe´s goal with this project still stands at bringing food and employment to her people in Ghana.

The association would like to hereby urge readers interested to assist this project by making donations in order to make the Food Security Project move to the next step by enlarging it, e.g. expanding the plantation of crops.

Story by Naadiatu-Bagigah Bawah