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We the people of GaDangme origin from the Republic of Ghana, now domiciled in Europe and having realized the ultimate need to;

  1. Promote unity, peace and prosperity
  2. Harness our collective resources and forge a common front

Have in the spirit of friendship, brotherhood, solidarity and in a SOLEMN DECLARATION and AFFIRMATION of our hope and trust in GADANGME EUROPE – formed an umbrella organisation which shall promote educational development, pursuing socio-economic regeneration of the GaDangme land to ensure alleviation of poverty and enhance continued health and well-being and prosperity for the GaDangme people and our motherland Ghana.

Click the buttom to downlaod our constitution GDEu Constitution 

BY-LAWS of GaDangme Europe (GDEu)


Section 1: These are the By-laws accompanying the Constitution and governing the affairs of GaDangme Europe, otherwise abbreviated as (GDEu).

Click the buttom to downlaod our By-Laws GDEu By-Laws