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GaDangme Europe (GDEu)contributes immensely to the promotion and revival of the GaDangme Language and Culture…

As witnessed in the past year till date, the world is yet to combat the deadly virus known as SARS COVID-19 which has led to a global pandemic resulting to the shutdown of institutions, schools, etc.

Focusing on our homeland Ghana, schools were closed for a long period of time. Children had little or no chance to pick up with the themes they are handling in their various curriculumsdue to the outbreak of the virus.

GaDangme Europe, an association that has been active and involved in the activities of the GaDangme people since 2007, has developed a quiz competition in the capital Accra owing to the long school closings in the pandemic, meant toserve as a motivation to school children to learn the Ga language and not to neglect their culture.

To get the project on ground, five schools based in Greater Accra were nominated out of which the candidates were chosen. The schools are named Bethel Bridge International School from Teshie, Ministry of Health International School, A.M.E. Zion, Ga Literacy Class of the Yei Henumo Kpee and Bokemei Foundation.

The program was held at the A.M.E. Zion Church Hall at Mamprobi in Accra on the 23rd July 2021. The competing schools were assessed on topics on a selected Ga book titled Gbi Jujii etɛ whichthe candidates absorbed in their various Ga coursesfor two monthsbefore the event. The students partook in the quiz with a high level of motivation and exhilaration.

The winning school and candidates were rewardedwith Ga text books and further items to nurture and boost their motivation in the learning of the Ga language.

To crown the event, the current GaDangme Europe President Mr. Alex Adjei who oversaw to the accomplishment of the project made it known that the quiz is a maiden project the union has invented and will be conducted annually. The participating students expressed their joy and commented that through the quiz they have been able to grasp stuffs they knew little or nothing about and would appreciate it if this project is practiced from time to time.

Story: Naadiatu-Bagigah Bawah


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