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Gadangme Europe Disclaimer Statement 2018

To Whom It May Concern

 Subject Matter: Gadangme Europe VZW

 Disclaimer Statement: To our entire Members and the Public at Large

The Trustee, Advisory Boards and the Executive Committee wish to advise all of our Members, Affiliates, Sympathizers and the Public-at-Large, that the REGISTRATION LETTER being circulated by a “Few Disgruntled Persons” purporting to have registered GaDangme Association and requesting people to join them is not from, and of, GDEu. The said letter was written by Ms Evelyn Botchway acting as the General Secretary and signed by Mr. Solomon Awah as President. GDEu has no control over anyone wishing to register an association -Gadangme Europe VZW- but to cleverly use our “Logo” to make it appear like the original GDEu is making this call is a deliberate attempt to MISLEAD the public and we find it quite disingenuous and in fact troubling. GDEu has copyright and exclusive right over the logo and would be addressed at the appropriate time.


The Trustee and Advisory Boards and the Executive Committee further wish to inform all that the Gadangme Europe Organization led by Mrs. Sarah Naa Adoley Coleman-Hoeling is the original Gadangme Europe Organization established in Amsterdam in 2008, ten years ago with major Gadangme Organizations and Associations and very important personalities (VIP’s) and individual Gadangmebii in Europe in attendance. This is the official Gadangme Europe Organization for all Gadangmebii in Europe.


Any Organization or individual who wishes to conduct business with the purported Breakaway Group in the name of GaDangme Europe does so at his or her own peril.


If you need further information or clarification concerning this statement, please do not hesitate to send your questions to the General-Secretary through the above mentioned email address. Comments or feedback are welcomed.


Thanks for your cooperation and hope we have informed you sufficiently enough concerning this matter. Please, acknowledge receipt. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.



Yours faithfully,

General Secretary

On behalf of the GDEu Organization

17th January 2018


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