Formal Notification GaDangme Europe Conference And Homowo 2017

With great pleasure and enthusiasm the GDEu Trustee Board formally notify GaDangme Bii/Li resident in the Diaspora especially (those residing in Europe & United States/Canada) about the impending GDEu 2017 Annual conference/AGM, at Düsseldorf, in Germany on Friday 29th September 2017 and on Saturday the 30th, September join GaDangme Rhein-Ruhr to celebrate the Annual Grand Homowo Festival.

We hope with this early notification of the coming event would encourage and enhance active participation by all GaDangme bii/Li residing in the Diaspora and beyond.

We also intend to send out formal invitation letters to GDEu affiliated associations and individuals who may require further relevant information and assistance to attend the annual conference/AGM at Düsseldorf, in Germany.

Furthermore, in the very near future the GDEu secretariat shall be making public, the Programme for the planned activities for both the conference and the Homowo.

We look forward to your full participation and contribution in making this year’s Annual Conference/AGM an event to remember!!

Love Live GaDangme Europe

Long Live Ghana

Yours sincerely,


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