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The 14th AGM bell & 10th anniversary of GaDangme Europe rang in Hamburg, Germany


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Story by Naadiatu-Bagigah Bawah

Hamburg, Germany

As it is known in the constitution of GaDangme Europe, an Annual General Meeting is held in an European country, where all executives and members join heads together to meet and brainstorm on issues concerning GaDangmes and the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Furthermore GDEu meets yearly to have an overview on issues and activities that have happened during the year and also to set up new goals for the years ahead.

The theme of the conference held on the 12th  October 2018 at Kulturhof Dulsberg, Alter Teichweg 200, 22049 Hamburg in Germany is „A time to transform the challenges facing GaDangmes into reality”.  Based on the stated theme, issues such as the Food Security Project which is meant to create jobs and food for our people as well as coming together and working as one people without differences with the slogan “Together we are strong” were raised.

Although some obstacles tried to prevent our leaders from Ghana in attending the Annual General Meeting, the conference was honored by the following dignitaries, Chiefs and Queen as well as the High Priest Nuumo Gbelenfo III, Seinye Maa Markai Bortorbli I, Nii Bortey -Klagon Mantse, Nii Kofi Agboba V – Osu Alata Nefahene and Nii Djamlodja VI, the Osu Alata Woleiatse.

The main point the Chiefs and Queen stood on is to also to assist the GDEu association back home in Ghana with duties and tasks concerning GaDangme and Greater Accra. Therefore they suggested partnering with the existing GDEu association in Ghana in cooperation with the GDEu Representatives in order to help the association with their knowledge and capabilities they have.

Since the GDEu Food Security Project risen up in Amsterdam two years ago is dwelling well with hilarious developments (such as plans to harvest the first maize and also the planting and observation of the first cassava growth on the farm in Obosomase, a town near to Aburi), the Chiefs and leaders who attended the AGM have the plan in contributing anyway they can. The Osu Alata Woleiatse, Nii Djamlodja VI pledged to make ways for GaDangme Europe to acquire a fish pond attached to the GDEu farm with the aim of creating jobs and having food sustainability in Greater Accra and further parts of Ghana.

The 14th AGM aligned with the 10th anniversary was celebrated with the election of new executives Mr Alex Adjei (President), Mr Emmanuel Quaye (Vice-President), Naadiatu-Bagigah Bawah (General Secretary), Mr Bernard Agmortey (Vice-General Secretary), Mrs. Esther Baden (Treasurer), Ms Sheila Boye       (Financial Secretary), Mr Steven Dowuona(Public Relations Officer).

The outgoing President Mrs. Sarah Naa Adoley Coleman-Hoeling who has dedicated herself to GaDangme, the GDEu association since foundation in 2008 deserves to be acknowledged for her outstanding, great and fantastic job she has carried out as the GDEu President from


2014 to 2018. In her term of office, GDEu has been able to create a good-functioning website, several donations to schools in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana and also the Food Security Project which is having a good stand now. These achievements won´t have been reached without the help of the former executives Mr Isaac Nii Kotey Robertson (Former Vice-President), Mr Samuel Aryee (Former General-Secretary), Mr Joshua Lamptey (Former Vice-General-Secretary), Mr Emmanuel Quaye (Former Public Relations Officer), Naadiatu-Bagigah Bawah (Former Vice-PRO), Ms Sheila Boye (Former Financial-Secretary) and Mr Alex Adjei (Former Treasurer).

The dream of Mrs. Sarah Naa Adoley Coleman-Hoeling of holding on to the Food Security Project has been fulfilled and she therefore wishes the new executives all the best. Before Mrs. Coleman-Hoeling stepped down, she presented a GDEu diary to the new executives and members. Most people will ask, why was a diary handed over? This hand-over has got a simple explanation. The diary is meant to keep names of executives who have led the association as well as members of the GDEu association since the day Mrs. Coleman-Hoeling handed the diary over which is the 12th October 2018.The wish of Mrs. Sarah Naa Adoley Coleman-Hoeling is that this new tradition will be carried on from generation to generation.

The new elected President Mr Alex Adjei, after being sworn in with his executives by Nuumo Gbelenfo III promised to lead the association very well, as he said, “With his dynamic team to the best of their abilities” in order to help GaDangme grow efficiently. The 14th AGM in Hamburg ended with the celebration of the GDEu 10th anniversary (cutting of cake, music and dance).

GaDangmes in Europe and Ghana wish the former executives farewell and also thank them for their good jobs to move GaDangme to the next level. The GDEu spirit is still alive and is functioning well with the help of her members.

Mrs. Sarah Naa Adoley Coleman-Hoeling has fought a good fight which involved a lot of time and patience in the last four years. GaDangmes will therefore urge the new executives to carry on the same way and even go beyond what has already been achieved. We say Ayekoo to Mrs. Sarah Naa Adoley Coleman-Hoeling and her former executives and also say welcome to the new elected executives.