Donation to the Stars Sports Academy in Ningo, Greater Accra, Ghana – “Little things create a solid foundation for future prospects”

The association GaDangme Europe, well-known for her socialized and economic efforts in Europe and in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana has once again put smiles on the faces of a group of youngsters in a sports academy named Stars Sports Academy situated in Ayetepa-Lotsubuer in Ningo a village in the suburb of Greater Accra.

The Stars Sports Academy assists children under 12 years and teenagers from 15 to 17 years. The academy trains up to eighty-five children. Basically in Ghana and Africa sports activities gained less support and sponsorship in the past, especially when it has got to do with teenagers whose talents have not yet been discovered.

In the past our elders use to say that anyone who plays football is a truant, but with the development in our modern world sports has become one of our daily life activities which has also turned into professions to earn ends meat.

GaDangme Europe´s attention captured the talent of the children training in the native Stars Sports Academy in Ningo. With that the association decided to support the academy and give them a good start-up by donating jerseys and footballs to the sports institution, whereas these are main objects needed in a football championship to introduce the team. These equipments were presented by Alhaji Abbey, a member of the GDEu Trustee Board.

With that smiles and happiness were put on the faces of the youngsters. To show appreciation to the association (GaDangme Europe), the students organized a spontaneous football match in the colorful jersey outfits. They looked cheerful and played the match gleefully with great results.

All in all one can say that the little support given to the Sports Academy in Ningo is a good foundation for the growth of this academy and this can bring them forward and could also lead them to an international championship in the future. It is advisable to give assistance to talented teenagers and children in activities that are less recognized.

Story: Naadiatu-Bagigah Bawah, Ningo, Greater Accra, Ghana

Vice P.R.O. GaDangme Europe GDEu


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